May 26, 2015

About Us


Technology For Tomorrow (T4T) was started in 2012 by high school student leaders from South Burlington, Vermont, under the guidance of founder Neel Desai (a sophomore at the time) as an outcome of his participation in the Youth Leadership Program with Central Europe, an international youth leadership program funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and administered by Meridian International Center.

Our Vision:

  • The underserved have access to technology education that improves their quality of life in education, the workforce, and the community
  • People of all ages recognize and act upon the need of serving others

Our Mission:

  • Provide individuals in need free, volunteer-based technology education
  • Enable and encourage high school, college students, and volunteering professionals to apply their skills and experience in delivering technology education

Our Values:

  • Focus on the individual and community development by leveraging local partnerships to best understand and address learning opportunities
  • Ensure all efforts increase and multiply results in order to produce the greatest sustainable impact possible for the individual and the community

Since our founding, Technology for Tomorrow has focused on making a real impact in the communities we serve.  Technology for Tomorrow is a fully recognized, 501c3 nonprofit organization. As an organization, we allocate 100% of (tax deductible) donated funds directly to our programs! That means that for every $100 donated, exactly $100 is expended in the field, be it on equipment, providing transportation for participants to attend T4T workshops, or in scholarship funds for the students leading local chapters.