May 26, 2015

By the Numbers

1554 total participants served
21 VT communities impacted
1582.5 volunteer hours donated
826 total volunteers
$2,250 in scholarships awarded

Benefits for High School Students:

High school students who participate in Technology for Tomorrow (T4T) programs are already leaders, whether through sports, music, student government, or other community service ventures. Our programs attract the kind of motivated individuals who seek out opportunities for personal growth, planning for the future, and those who are already actively engaged in their communities.  Benefits include:

Eligibity to Receive a T4T scholarship-- Every school that starts and maintains a T4T chapter of at least 5 unique members and organizes students to execute at least 5 workshops per year are considered active chapters. Students from an active chapter (participating in at least 10 workshops annually or accumulating 20 volunteer hours) will be eligible to apply for funds from the T4T scholarship program. Each qualifying chapter is eligible for up to $1000 in scholarships per year. Scholarship funds can be used for college tuition, summer camps, workshops or other educational programming.

Community Service With a Real Impact-- For students who get involved with our programs, volunteering is not simply something done to fulfill a graduation requirement. It's a chance to make a meaningful impact on their own friends and neighbors while experiencing the fulfillment that comes from service. 

Connections with fellow student leaders and membership into the T4T alumni & professional networks-- Students not only learn from each other's experiences coordinating workshops, they also build friendships and relationships. Active students gain leadership and communication skills. In addition to the direct benefits of membership, students are invited to join the alumni and professional network. Meet other like-minded individuals across many sectors to create a strong network.


Benefits for the Community:

By joining T4T workshops, senior citizens (and all members of the community) are:

Better able to connect with family and friends over long distances--the number one motivation shared by senior citizens who sign up for our workshops is to utilize modern technologies to better connect with family and friends.  By receiving hands-on instruction for new devices, apps, and social media tools, senior citizens' quality of life increases significantly.

Better able to stay engaged with local community events and government--through tools such as Front Porch Forum and Channel 17 Town Meeting Television, senior citizens--especially those with mobility issues--are able to stay up to date on local politics and fully utilize electronic tools to actively participate in the democratic process.

Better able to contribute more skills and time to local organizations as volunteers and employees--with the ability to perform basic computer tasks and increased familiarity with new devices, programs, and applications, senior citizens who volunteer with local nonprofit organizations, faith-based groups, and in schools are better equipped to make an impact with the causes that mean the most to them.

Eligibility for the senior home hardware program--every senior citizen residential home or community center that partners with our organization may be eligible to receive a hardware donation from T4T to best serve the needs of that senior population, whether it be desktop computers, laptops, tablet devices, WiFi routers, or valuable software to ensure the impact of our programs outlasts individual workshops.