June 29, 2016

Technology for Tomorrow’s Global Mentoring Academy


Technology for Tomorrow (T4T), a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free technology education to under-served communities, is launching a Global Mentoring Academy.  The goal of this academy is to give young, rising career professionals an environment that will help them grow both personally and professionally.  The academy focuses on the importance of connection in the professional world and is designed around the tenet that professional success is not complete without personal development.

The mission for the Academy is to establish relationships between mentees and seasoned professionals (mentors), to enable sharing of their diverse life experiences and expertise, and to create an ever-growing network of participants, who engage and encourage future attendees to discover and pursue the merits of a balanced life.

[why are we doing this?]

Technology for Tomorrow has the mission of empowering its volunteers to develop communication and leadership skills.  The Global Mentoring Academy takes this mission a step further by providing an environment for participants to accelerate their personal and professional development through access to experienced professionals.

By inviting young professionals to participate in the Academy, T4T is developing a group of career professionals that will give back.  This changes the “traditional” non-profit structure of a $1 given = $1 impact and changes that structure to $1 given = >$1 impact.  This enables Technology for Tomorrow to achieve sustainable growth and an ever-increasing impact on the surrounding communities. Achieving this improved efficiency helps T4T better meet the needs of the disadvantaged.

[how do we mentor?]

  • Apply tools to aid mentees in a personal assessment of where their life may be out of balance
  • Identify personal goals to address both personal objectives and improved life balance
  • Create an action plan to assist the mentee in achieving their goals
  • Encourage relationship building as a professional skill

[how do mentees benefit?]

  • Learn to make more informed decisions about their life goals and directions through exposure to the mentors’ wealth of experience
  • Grow to understand the value, strengths and longevity of a reasonably balanced life
  • Work collaboratively with mentors to identify goals and action items to pursue in improving the balance in their lives
  • Develop a network of peer-to-peer relationships among all GMA mentees and mentors beyond the duration of the academy
  • Give back to the community through a defined project

For 2016, mentees will be working long-distance with their assigned mentors once/month or more, with bi-monthly group conference calls to share progress and ideas.