May 26, 2015

South Burlington High School



Chapter Established in 2011




2014/2015 SBHS Chapter



About SBHS Chapter:

The SBHS group was the first chapter in T4T history. A group of student leaders from South Burlington, Vermont launched the chapter under the leadership of Founder, Neel Desai, who was a sophomore at the time. While a participant in the Youth Leadership Program with Central Europe (YLPCE), an international youth leadership program funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, and administered by Meridian International Center, Neel founded T4T and launched what would become a great resource to underserved communities.

Organizations Impacted by SBHS:


  • The Pines
  • Pillsbury Senior Communities (Allenwood)
  • South Burlington Community Library
9 Active Members
58 Workshops
518 Total Particpants
711.5 Volunteer Hours Donated
$15,653 Value Donated

SBHS Chapter Blog:


Posted August 17, 2015

I had just returned from a two-week summer camp when my brother asked me to join him at a Technology For Tomorrow workshop. It was a Monday afternoon and I had just crawled out of bed. I had never been to one of their workshops before. After arriving at the senior home, I noticed that many of the student volunteers and senior participants were already well acquainted.  

As I patiently waited for someone who might need help, a woman walked in with a laptop. She was new to the workshop as well and wasn’t sure what to expect. My brother pulled out a chair for her and immediately asked me to help her, as he knew I would be familiar with her operating system. I pulled up a seat and introduced myself. Being a little anxious and overeager, it took me a few moments to understand her concerns. Her daughter had moved out of the country six months ago and she was looking for a less expensive way to stay in touch than international phone calls. We started by addressing e-mail issues.

As I worked through reconfiguring her Gmail account and resetting her security information, I suddenly felt like I had found my stride. One confirmation e-mail later, I realized that I had enabled this woman to keep in touch with her family. I was able to take responsibility for someone’s learning and improved quality of life.

This act gave me such a sense of purpose and fulfillment, teaching something that I had previously taken for granted. Connecting with family and friends around the world was a luxury I didn’t know I had. This first experience really resonated with me and made me want to do it even more. Now as a high school senior, I continue to stay actively engaged with T4T and plan to for some time.

Until next time…

-SBHS Student Volunteer